How to Choose the Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Best Gas Power Washer
Best Gas Power Washer

How to Choose the Best Commercial Pressure Washer?

Before choosing the best commercial pressure washer for your business, you should know some basic facts about this equipment. The pressure washer should be easy to operate. It should have a short hose that can reach up to 55 feet from the power outlet. The hose is useful in the driveway or backyard. You should also look for a warranty, which is often limited, but will give you some peace of mind.

Model A

best commercial pressure washer

When purchasing a pressure washer, one of the most important factors to consider is the gallons per minute (gpm) rating. The higher the gpm rating, the more water it can clean. Therefore, a higher gpm rating will be more effective for cleaning large structures and equipment. Also, a high gpm rating will be faster to clean, which will help you save time.

Other features of this pressure washer include a durable, fully enclosed body. It also features a high-impact plastic cover to prevent dirt from getting into the washer. It is also highly commercial-rated and features a triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers. The machine also has stainless-steel valves.

The pressure washer’s high-powered water spray eliminates the need for scrubbing, making it ideal for busy environments. It also has an adjustable digital thermostat and long-lasting fuel tanks. Northern Tool + Equipment carries a complete line of gas-powered pressure washers.

Honda GX390

The Honda GX390 gas-powered pressure washer is designed for commercial use. Its 389cc Honda engine produces four thousand PSI of force. It comes with an anti-vibration rubber foot and power-coated steel frame. This pressure washer has 5 quick connect spray nozzles and a high-draw chemical injector.

The Honda GX390 engine delivers powerful cleaning power with an easy start and quiet running. The machine is EPA-certified, and Honda’s commitment to achieving low emissions means that it meets current and future CARB emission standards. It also doesn’t require a catalytic converter, which means it won’t cause air pollution and can help the environment.


Mi-T-M commercial pressure washers are known for being durable workhorses. They’re ideal for blasting mud and grime off of buildings and equipment. They also clean a wide range of surfaces. These are easy to maintain and offer a variety of features to keep your workspace looking squeaky clean.

These pressure washers are available for residential, commercial and industrial uses. They come in a wide range of sizes and power levels. Choose from gas, electric, and portable models. A few of the different models also offer accessories. You can get an extended hose, adjustable nozzles, and a lance if you need them.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer
Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M pressure washers are available with gas power. This power option gives you power and portability, which is important for businesses. These portable pressure washers can be stored indoors or carried anywhere. They can be filled with either water or fuel, which makes them ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The powerful jets of water and pressure can clean surfaces and cut through the toughest dirt.

Champion Power Equipment

A commercial pressure washer is a useful tool for any business, and a Champion Power Equipment pressure washer is an excellent choice for a number of different cleaning jobs. Its powerful 196cc engine and axial cam pump are designed to deliver a steady stream of water and high pressure cleaning. Its 25-foot high-pressure hose and ergonomic trigger gun make it easy to maneuver for maximum productivity.

A Champion commercial pressure washer can be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs, and is equipped with many useful features, such as a fuel tank with 0.9 gallons, a 0.9-gallon tank, and onboard storage for water and detergent. The Champion 100786 gas-powered pressure washer comes with a durable steel frame and a pull-start mechanism. It also comes with a reversible handle for ease of maneuverability. It is EPA certified and CARB compliant.

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