Cost to Power Wash a Deck

Cost to Power Wash a Deck
Cost to Power Wash a Deck

What is the Average Cost to Power Wash a Deck?

The cost to power wash a deck varies from one homeowner to the next. Most homeowners will spend around hundreds of dollars on the project. The cost is based on the square footage of the deck and any additional costs such as sealing or staining. Other extras include handrails and lattice. Stairs cost less than hundred dollar per stair, and pressure washing the underside of the deck will run you about some dollars per linear foot.

There are a few factors that will determine the cost of power washing. Heavy stains and dirt will increase the cost and will require more time and materials than a light-stained deck. A moldy deck will also increase the cost. In either case, you should be prepared to spend several hours on the project.

The size of your deck will also affect the cost of power washing it. A 12-foot-by-20-foot deck will cost around hundreds of dollars. The rates can vary widely, so it is best to request an estimate before hiring a contractor. Some companies offer a free quote based on the size of your deck.

Cost to Power Wash a Deck
Cost to Power Wash a Deck

Other factors that will determine the price include the type of material your deck is made from. Some types of wood are more delicate than others, and require more skill and finesse to clean them properly. A larger deck will cost more to clean than a small one, since more labor time is required. Also, the time of year you need to have the deck cleaned will increase the cost.

Gas vs electric pressure washers

Before purchasing a pressure washer, you should know your budget. Electric pressure washers tend to cost more than gas ones, but you should consider that gas pressure washers can handle more powerful stains. Gas models also tend to be more reliable, but may cost more to operate. Gas pressure washers are great for small cleaning projects, but most people purchase them for larger cleaning projects like power washing a deck.

While gas pressure washers are more powerful, they are also heavier and louder than electric models. If you live in a home where there are no windows or doors, gas pressure washers might not be your best choice. But they can work wonders for deck cleaning, siding cleaning, and car detailing.

Gas pressure washers have numerous moving parts. These include the motor, fuel tank, spark plugs, muffler, and inlet screen. A gas-powered pressure washer requires periodic maintenance. But, it won’t require you to buy a new one every few years, unlike an electric one.

Scrubber vs pressure washer

When deciding whether to use a pressure washer or scrubber to power wash a deck, the answer to this question depends on the material and surface of the deck. It can be used to clean a deck by using less water than a garden hose and nozzle. However, you must follow the manufacturer’s directions when using a pressure washer to power wash a deck. It is also easier to remove the cleaner from the wood surface with a pressure washer than with a garden hose and nozzle.

Pressure washers should be used with caution because their high water pressure can cause damage to decking and to the person using them. It is also important to wear protective gear while using pressure washers, such as a safety mask and goggles. Also, make sure the deck is free of any plants and furniture before power washing. You may also want to apply a wood cleaner to the wood surface before power washing to protect the structure. You should also clean the wood with a brush before power washing to remove any grease or grime from it.

A pressure washer can damage soft surfaces like wood, which can easily splinter. While using a pressure washer, it is best to maintain a two-foot distance from the wood surface. You should also sweep the deck from one side to the other. This method will ensure that each plank is covered evenly.

Cost to Power Wash a Deck
Cost to Power Wash a Deck

Depending on location of home can affect cost of pressure washing a deck

There are several factors that will affect the price of pressure washing a deck. First, you must research different companies to determine what they charge. The best way to get a good estimate is to contact at least three companies and ask them about their prices and what kind of chemicals they use. You can also check reviews on Google for pressure washing services.

Another factor that will affect the cost of power washing a deck is the material used for the deck. Some materials like metal and soft wood are more difficult to clean than others. For instance, if your deck is made from soft wood, it will require more finesse and expertise than a wood deck. In general, it costs about hundreds dollars to pressure wash a deck made of metal or wood. However, you may pay less if your deck is made of exotic hardwood or other unusual material.

Another factor affecting the cost of pressure washing a deck is where your home is located. Prices vary based on location and time of year. For example, in Tennessee, a professional deck washer will charge some cents per square foot. In Virginia, a professional deck washer will charge around $0.80 per square foot. Rates also depend on the time of year and demand. If you live in a high-demand region, the cost may increase.

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