Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment

Battery Power Washer
Battery Power Washer

Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment

When shopping for commercial pressure washing equipment, you’ll want to make sure you purchase the right type of equipment to get the job done right. You’ll want to look for spray tips that are quick-connect, so you can change them easily. Quick connect spray tips are color-coded for spray angle, including 0deg (Red), 15deg (Yellow), 25deg (Green), and 40deg (White). Ideally, you’ll choose a nozzle with a matching orifice size.

Canpump commercial pressure washer

The Canpump commercial pressure washer features an electric motor that produces a high-pressure stream of water. This pressure washer is designed to clean pavement, siding, decks, and other surfaces. It is equipped with a 30 foot M22 hose gun and five nozzles for maximum cleaning power. The machine is also equipped with a three-year warranty.

Wobble plate pumps have large springs on each piston. Compared to piston pumps, wobble pumps are less efficient. Because the pistons move with each stroke, they are prone to wear and damage. These pumps are not easily repairable. Wobble plate pumps are not ideal for pressure washers that operate below 2500 PSI. However, axial cam pumps can operate at much higher pressures.

Commercial pressure washers are useful for many industries and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. They are often larger and stronger than residential units. This allows them to perform a wider variety of tasks, like cleaning construction sites and fleet vehicles. These machines operate with gas or electric power. Many people choose electric models for home use.

Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment
Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment

Cyclone TR5500

The CY200 and TR5500 Cyclone equipment are equipped with revolutionary Cyclone cleaning technology. They provide superior results, reduce water use, and leave no standing water. This is especially beneficial for EPA water runoff compliance. The patented cleaning and recovery head removes heavy buildup with one pass. The integrated system also eliminates the hassles associated with traditional pressure washing.

This Cyclone TR5500 pressure washer has a high-pressure, 3,600psi cyclone pump, a multi-filtration system, and water recovery. It uses a chemical-free, eco-friendly process to remove heavy buildup and ground dirt. It can even be used to clean epoxy flooring.

The TR5500 Cyclone pressure washing equipment is a high-end unit that can be easily transported to and from locations. It comes with a trailer that makes it easy to transport and has storage compartments for your cleaning supplies.

Champion Power Equipment

Champion Power Equipment offers an extensive line of washing equipment that can help your business keep your property clean and beautiful. Its machines are designed for commercial use and come with a variety of features. Some of the features include a low-profile design, 10-inch tires, an on-board storage compartment for the pressure hose, and detergent injection. The company also offers a two-year limited warranty for generators, pumps, and winches. The warranty covers parts and labor. In addition, the company provides free lifetime technical support.

Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment
Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment

The Champion 100786 gas-powered pressure washer is the perfect machine for a wide range of cleaning jobs. Its 224cc single-cylinder OVH engine provides exceptional performance, and the engine features an axial cam pump. It also comes with a 25-foot high-pressure hose with a trigger gun and five quick-connect nozzles for cleaning various surfaces.


Kleen-Rite has been supplying car wash equipment for more than 60 years. The company’s car wash supplies include high-quality car wash equipment, pressure washing supplies and janitorial supplies. Their corporate office is located in Columbia, PA, where they can provide technical support and advice for customers.

The company was founded in 1959 with the help of two men, Harold and Judy McKonly. Harold was an exceptional businessman and believed in slow and steady growth. By the early 1970s, his company was booming and he was able to bring the family business to the next level.

Kleen-Rite offers a wide variety of car wash equipment, including Flojet pumps, pump stands, shampoo pumps, and cat pumps. The company also stocks car wash accessories like Little-Tree air fresheners, G&G LED lighting, and spot-free rinse systems. It also offers Simoniz car wash soap and Meguiar’s detailing wax.

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